Create your own superhero hero factory

Which type of hero will you create? Play Create Your Own Superhero, a free online hero game provided by GamesButler.

You can create a superhero of your very own to fit into the Marvel Universe simply by following a few quick steps.

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The Hero Factory - Create a Superhero avatar - Jacqui Sharp The Hero Factory has a range of looks and accessories to create your Superhero. These can then be downloaded and used as avatars. You will need to crop them before they can use them for that purpose. Super Hero: Create Your Own Super Hero - Create your own super hero at The Hero Factory. And drop us a line if you’ve made one you’re especially proud of. HeroMachine 2.5 | HeroMachine Character Portrait Creator Just choose a pose, then pick a set and genre of items and click to add them. To save your character as an image in HeroMachine 2, press ALT-PrintScreen in Windows or Command+Shift+3 on a Mac to capture the entire screen (including your character) to the clipboard. Then open a paint program (like the aptly-named Paint in Windows, which you can open by going to Start - Run and typing in MSPAINT), go to Edit-Paste, and the screen will appear. Then you can crop it and save it wherever you like.

LEGO IDEAS - Product Ideas - Hero Factory: Dark Creator It’s dedicated to the Mysterious Villain, creator of Brains, who appeared in the 10th episode of a Hero Factory Series: Brain Attack. By many fans of the series he is sometimes called the Dark Maker, but I decided to change his name to Dark Creator. I think that this project should appeal every fan on of Hero Factory line. Lego Hero Factory 2: Games - Build Your Own Hero: Take control and design your own custom Hero! Assign him body parts, color, gadgets and weapons, then set him loose on a mission. Superhero name generator